Last week Charlie Grantham reflected on his first year working with Kathy Kacher and me as we noodled the idea of launching The Smart Workplace, a dream I’ve had for awhile. We put our heads and hearts together to create easy and powerful ways for organization leaders, teams and today’s professionals to learn what they need, easily and quickly, to navigate today’s transforming workplace trends.


After reading Charlie’s post and reviewing the last year, I’m appreciating how a few simple collegial conversations launched a strategic business team.


Dreams really do come true… dare to dream


We have a recipe for success. Mix together our collective desire and tenacity, a compelling vision, our refusal to settle for less, and a work plan with a few steps to get us started.  Blend all ingredients with a lot of disruptive, collaborative technology that binds everything together.  Keep stirring, and, like me, you will watch your dream become an everyday blended work / lifestyle reality.


Do you believe you can be part of a high performing team with people you’ve never met face to face?


You can.


We have it right now with The Smart Workplace team, a very high performing and fun virtual team. Not everyone is developing product. Charlie, for example, is deployed on large client projects while Kathy and I develop course content for Virtual Workplace University.   Stay tuned for our launch later this year! In the meantime, learn a little about what VWU has planned for you.


We’ve learned to easily manage what we can’t see, including ourselves. We are a 100% virtual team and virtual company. We know how to establish swift trust, be seen virtually by each other, progressing our career and team by communicating directly and honestly about our thoughts, feelings, strengths and concerns.


It’s not as hard as many believe.


Have you experienced the joy and easy results that come with complementary team skills and team members that align easily and produce fast results?

I hope you have.

My team and I are passionate and pursuing purposeful work that meets a market need. What’s more fun than that? My work is fulfilling and meaningful, and our company is 100% virtual. And I get to live my dream of being in the mountains where the deer and the mountain goats play, my personal heaven on earth.

~Trina Hoefling, Co-Founder, The Smart Workplace

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