Make sure you’re working SMART!

Build a stronger organization by developing your competencies as a team member and a leader.

It’s easy to get so caught up in your work that you lose sight of your career

So, how can you manage your own career with confidence? Start with these simple tools and assessments:

SMART Worker Self Assessment
Making your Net-Work Self Assessment
The Value of Your Network

SMART Professionals…

  • Self leadership. This mean taking personal responsibility for your own development.

  • Mindshift from “me” to “we”. This mind shift is the essence of truly collaborative teamwork and integrated organizations.

  • Adaptation to emerging realities. We’re all change managers, adapting to faster change than at any time in recorded history.

  • Relationship management. You are now responsible for managing your professional social network.

  • Technology literacy. Collaboration tools are really about communication in the largest sense.

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