This Quick-Check Manager Coach Self-Assessment is designed to identify your coaching strengths and challenges, then set learning goals for yourself in your lower-score areas.

There are 31 questions, so this will take about 3 - 5 minutes. Read each of the statements below and place a score depending on whether the statement applies to on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest (best) rank.

When you have completed the self-assessment you gain some valuable insight into your effectiveness as a Manager-Coach.  Don't worry, we'll email your answers to you so you can review the questions.

Let's get started.    Tell us about a little bit about yourself:

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I consider team orientation to be critical and coach my team members to be team players.
During team orientation, I coach our team members to openly discuss our individual personal style.
During team orientation, I coach our team members to openly discuss our individual strengths and weaknesses.
During team orientation, I coach our team members to openly discuss our individual leadership style.
During team orientation, I coach our team members to openly discuss our individual project relationship challenges (e.g. hot buttons, preferred working style).
I coach our team to gain a clear understanding of the best role(s) each individual on the team can play to achieve our project goals.
I can clearly discuss my own strengths, challenges, personal style and leadership style with people.
I coach each team member to encourage and ensure that everyone on my team has a voice in project status meetings.
As a coach, I believe it is important to plan regularly schedules time-outs to share their opinions and observations about the strengths and weaknesses during the current project process.
As a coach, I believe it is important to plan celebrations to recognize when major milestones have been achieved, when excellent work has been delivered, when someone has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure a project's success and any other actions that contribute positively to the financial, quality and timeliness of the project process.
I coach our team to assume positive intent, to recognize that, as team members, we are able to see things from each other's perspective as well as our own.
As I coach, I know what motivates the each team to commit and contribute to the project goals.
I coach our team to identify past project conflicts and the potential of future conflicts without alienating team members.
I coach our team to always discusses the rules of engagement at the beginning of each project.
Our project does not move ahead until everyone agrees upon the rules of engagement.
Our team always signs a team covenant to show commitment to the rules of engagement.
I guide our team to balance listening and talking, to understand and be understood.
I guide our team to team ask questions, think strategically and as an innovator and problem-solver.
I guide our team to identify known and unknown assumptions and beliefs that may increase process and/or people project risk.
I guide our team to create a contingency option(s) for each known and unknown assumption and/or beliefs to decrease process and people project risks.
I have the skills to help people reframe their problem situation, encouraging a different perspective.
I make it a priority to provide helpful, non-judgmental feedback to individuals, and to my whole team.
Every person on my team could tell you our vision and/or mission.
Every person on my team could tell you the specific role they play in helping us achieve our vision.
The goals we set are challenging but achievable, and I hold my team accountable for results.
It is important to me to balance the needs of the individual with the requirements of the organization.
Coaching and mentoring happens naturally between members of my team during execution phase.
I am able to manage conflict and resistance effectively, without alienating people.
I look for ways to develop and advance the careers of people on my team.
My team has an abundance of energy.
My team has a sense of play, humor and joyfulness about it.
My team is recognized for quality work.
My team works on service projects that help our larger organization and community.
Members of my team are committed to staying around - the rate of staff turnover is very low.

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