If it feels like your team is bailing out a leaky boat, the SMART Workplace can help shed some light on how to navigate the waters of virtual work to become an effective SMART Team.   Answer these 6 questions to determine if your team cruiser is taking on water or is sailing smoothly.  And if your team is feeling a bit swamped, we'll get you pointed back to solid ground.


My team talks freely and openly among our members and as a whole team, using digital collaboration to work better together.


As a team we all clearly understand what we need to accomplish, together and individually


All team members understand our respective strengths and how we complement each other.


Team members extend themselves beyond their individual responsibilities to help others when need.


I count my work team members among my closest professional friends.


All team members are engaged with our work.

Your score will help you determine what type of training, coaching or boot-camp sessions your team may need to get started on the path to becoming a more effective, collaborative SMART Team.

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If you would like to learn more about how to become a more effective team, whether your team is completely virtual or is a hybrid model of campus-based and remote workers, please contact us The SMART Workplace here. We have tools, learning events and expert knowledge that can help you maximize your network, your team and your career.

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