This Quick-Check Trust Self Assessment is designed to help you notice patterns of weakness or strength in a certain areas of competency. This assessment has been adapted from an article in Psychology Today.

There are 12 questions. Read each of the statements below and place a score depending on whether the statement applies to you Never, Sometimes, or Always.
When you have completed the self-assessment do you notice patterns of weakness in a certain competency? Don't worry, we'll email your answers to you so you can review the items that you answered Sometimes or Never.

Let's get started.    Tell us about a little bit about yourself:

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You influence more by your actions than your words. You operate as the message, not the messenger, with an alignment between your words and actions.

1 out of 12

You are self-aware. You recognize the impact of your beliefs and actions on others, and are tuned into others' needs, strengths, and perspectives.

2 out of 12

You give trust first. You realize authentic trust evolves incrementally over time, and the way to start or rebuild trust is to give it, using a dimmer-switch approach.

3 out of 12

You communicate trust. You own your message, actions, and mistakes. You authentically show up in the process.

4 out of 12

You are not afraid of being open about yourself, to acknowledge failing, or to engage in a conversation where you're not an expert, and to admit limitations.

5 out of 12

You bring the best of who you are to your work. You operate from a “best of self” commitment. You genuinely care, showing kindness, compassion, excitement, curiosity, tolerance, trust, and integrity.

6 out of 12

You want the best for others. You aren't playing a work-game where only one or two people win and the rest don't, but help to make the pie bigger for everyone.

7 out of 12

You tell authentic stories. You understand the stories you tell at work are impactful and choose stories that positively influence the culture and those in it.

8 out of 12

You get things done the "right" way, with ethics, integrity, and positive intention that builds relationships.

9 out of 12

You collaborate, cooperate, consider, and contribute. You value relationships and build lasting ones not only with what you do, but how you do it.

10 out of 12

You demonstrate competence as your starting point. You do what you say you can and will do, you do it well, and you enable others along the way.

11 out of 12

You don't focus on blaming others when things don't go right, you learn from mistakes and move on easily.

12 out of 12

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