This Quick-Check Virtual Leader Self-Assessment is designed to help you notice patterns of weakness or strength in your SMART worker competencies needed to thrive in today's workforce.


Read each of the statements and rate yourself based on whether each statement applies to you Never, Sometimes, or Always. When you have completed the self-assessment, your results will be sent to you, with your total and what your score means.

Smart workers anticipate change and adapt, develop and support smart teams, and manage by results. This Virtual Leader Self-Assessment helps you identify if you're a smart virtual team leader. You'll get a sense of how you:

Share Leadership. You and your team share responsibility for professional development and team success.

Mindshift from "me" to "we." Today's teams require full commitment from team members, whether the job lasts a week or a career.

Adapt to emerging realities. Today's teams face challenges not solved by the past. Smart workers facilitate team innovation and a forward focus.

Relate to people. Smart workers are connected in and beyond their organizations, and encourage strong team networks as well.

Technically connect. We are in relationships with people and technology today, using the collaborative tools to connect and coordinate a network of teams. 

Let's get started.    


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I delegate responsibility and authority effectively.
I am generally considered a highly organized person, especially by my team.
My team and I have good relationships based on mutual trust. They sense my virtual presence without feeling monitored.
When a problem arises with a team member  or another colleague, I can confront it honestly and with kindness and a view toward a positive resolution.
I am disciplined but flexible. My employees perceive me as adapting to new ways of working that achieve business goals and results.
I have clear communication systems and feedback mechanisms in place for myself and my team.
I facilitate team meetings regularly to keep the team connected, focused, and resolving issues and challenges.
I facilitate clear direction for my team, enabling them to work without continuous feedback.
I coach for results, and can clearly communicate my performance expectations.
I am able to schedule and coordinate team resources using project and task management tools. I don’t need to oversee the project at all times.
I am comfortable with shifting resources and expectations during a project.
I am aware of the goals and strategies throughout the organization and know how to connect my team to resources.
I have access to needed people throughout the organization who can answer questions and collaborate when needed.
I know when to include, inform or seek input from others in a decision or work issue.
I am committed to helping my organization and team succeed.
I am aware of my team's performance individually and as a team.
I know how to work with my team in order to organize work effectively to meet expectations. I reward collaborative teamwork and knowledge sharing.
I coach my team to develop to their fullest potential and to improve poor performance.
Those I supervise are confident and empowered to perform their job fully.
I am aware of, have access to and know how to use multiple tools for collaboration and communication in any work environment.
My team has contingency plans for delays, interruptions and changes. They know I will advocate for them when necessary.
I am able to utilize technology effectively to facilitate knowledge sharing and communication flow within the team and across the organization.
I encourage my team to improve team processes, systems, and working agreements.
I encourage and lead many conversations to keep the team communication flowing.
New team members are easily acclimated when they join my team. They quickly onboard to the team.

Be sure to click Submit Quiz to have your results emailed to you. When you receive the email review the items that you answered Sometimes or Never. Do you notice patterns of weakness in a certain competency? Do you notice any themes?  Also review your strengths. How can you develop and use them even more? To improve your virtual leadership competencies, check our our FREE Manager Kickstart Workshop.