To review, what do we know about The SMART Workplace (TSW):

Smart orgs lay clear pathways to help people connect to the shared mission and vision, and to find who and what they need so they can gather intelligence to proactively improve the business.

Mobility lets people work from anywhere using reliable collaborative technology while remaining connected to the organization, broadening the ability to recruit and retain a more diverse, inclusive workforce.

Agile orgs provide tools and portals so people can remain focused on achieving goals, respond quickly, innovate where needed, and deliver results.

Relatable leaders and teammates reach out across time and distance.

Trustworthy leaders instill confidence, connect people to each other and to meaningful work, and get quality results.

So, now you know what it's all about, what's next?

A thorough Workplace Change Readiness Assessment process requires a series of Executive interviews and extensive quantitative analysis.   This Quick-Check The Workplace Readiness Assessment is designed to give your organization an easy ‘temperature check’ to determine if a more extensive analysis is required to transform your organization into a SMART Workplace.  

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