Remote work is changing HR! I had a great time being a guest expert and thought leader for i2iWorkforce‘s blog about the intersection of business, the workforce, and talent, Higher Results. Blog host, Melodie Reagan, and Iget into the real world of remote work for real people and HR leaders.

The show will air on Tuesday, 5/8/18 at 3pm

and https://www.facebook/higher-results/.

Show Topic: Working Remote and Virtual Leadership

Guest: Trina Hoefling, Co Founder, The Smart Workplace

We all know that a majority of companies are embracing remote teams. What does this mean? How do you set-up remote working and is it right for your organization? What’s getting in the way? What are the dos and don’ts? And does it change the way you hire and lead?

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Kathy and I will both be guests for a 2nd part of the conversation on how to support and expand remote work operationally and culturally. Be sure you’re subscribed to the blog to stay posted about our next podcast on remote work!