Welcome to your Virtual Worker Readiness Assessment

This Virtual and Flex Worker Readiness Self-Assessment is an abbreviated version of The Smart Workplace's SMART Flexwork Readiness Assessment. It will give you a sense of your virtual work competency and indicate where you might need to strengthen your skills in order to thrive virtually.

A SMART flex / virtual worker demonstrates a commitment to certain competencies in addition to your professional training. This free self-assessment will help identify a framework for your career success, and begin to determine your workplace readiness.

SMART Worker Self-Assessment

Working SMART is on the leading edge of a bigger trend where people are more and more responsible for managing ourselves, our careers and the many transitions that come when moving from one role to the next throughout our careers. We believe that if you work SMART you will be ahead of the trend and can anticipate changes before they directly impact you.

S elf-leadership. This means taking personal responsibility for your own development. It begins with discovering your own purpose and aligning that with the people you work with and the work you do. Self-leadership also includes putting people and systems in place to get real performance feedback when your leader doesn’t give it. It’s up to you now. Fewer Human Resource and Learning & Development departments offer fully developed programs to help you get better as a team member and leader.

M indshift from “me” to “we”. This mind shift is the essence of truly collaborative teamwork and integrated organizations. Valued contributors suit up and show up, whether the job lasts a week or a career. Temporary teams still require full commitment from team members. “Enlightened self-interest” must evolve into a focus on the total ecology of the workplace, work teams, your community and the entire social system which surrounds you.

A daptation to emerging realities. We’re all change managers, adapting to faster change than at any time in recorded history. Professionals move among organizations and cultures, so adaptability is key. Learn and evolve to keep pace, without losing integrity, adjusting quickly to different teams’ rhythms and flows. Much is emerging that has no precedent, requiring innovative thinking – individually and with teams. Teams face challenges not solved by past learning. They need collaborative, forward-focused innovators. In your career, social network, and priorities, determine what to hold onto and what to let adapt or go.

R elationship management. You are now responsible for managing your professional social network. It is the most common source of compensated projects, professional guidance and mentoring, and social support from trusted colleagues. You need to consciously build it, maintain it and change it as conditions demand. Include your personal ‘board of directors’ chosen carefully for their respective competencies, integrity and dedication to your success. Develop a passionate network that opens doors for you (and trusts you to open doors for them).

T echnology literacy. Collaboration tools are about communication in the largest sense. Marshall McLuhan said it best, “The medium is the message”. Today's medium is digital – social media, mobile platforms and knowledge-embedded networks. You need to know how to use the technology at a basic level for virtual teamwork and coordinating calendars, but that’s not enough You also you have to master it so you can broadcast your brand and access any learning you need to stay relevant.

Adapted from:  Trina Hoefling’s WORKING VIRTUALLY: Transforming the Mobile Workplace 2nd Edition, 2017


Read each of the statements below and place a score depending on whether you Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree or Strongly Disagree with the statement.

When you have completed the self-assessment and read your feedback report, review the items that you answered. Do you notice patterns of weakness in a certain competency? Do you notice any strengths or themes?

Name Business Email Phone Number

I am confident that I can influence my career path as a virtual worker.

I avoid distractions in my environment and am able to stay focused on tasks. I have arranged for my personal responsibilities so I won’t be disturbed while I’m working.

I have a designated workspace, which is separate from my home life. I have sufficient workspace, lighting, electric, and internet bandwidth.

I am able to navigate the organization’s intranet and use collaboration tools well enough to complete my work and communicate with my team.

I am confident making decisions based on my professional competency and understanding of the job. I know when to include my manager or others in a work issue or decision.

I meet all the eligibility and skill requirements for virtual work.

I initiate communication regarding tasks and projects, and keep my team informed.

I value the perspectives a diverse team brings to the work.

I have good communication skills, both speaking and in writing.

I am self-disciplined, highly motivated, and am able to stay focused.

I can be counted on to mean what I say and follow through on my commitments.

My manager has the skills to virtually manage my performance for results.

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